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A Rider takes part in this division when she/he/they are not yet physically able to ride independently off-lead. Each Rider must have a handler/leader and may have as much assistance as needed. A Rider capable of navigating their own pony and handling their own equipment should move into the Novice Division.


This Division may have equipment set up in one half of the field of play with the Centre line being used as the Changeover Line; official exact dimensions need not apply. If there are insufficient riders for a full Leadline Division, it is recommended that the Leadline Division be run in its own lane(s) at the same time and in the same playing field as the Novice Division. The Referee’s signal to end the race for the Novice Division, likewise ends the Leadline race. Leadline Riders may skip races and modify races as necessary, but not in a way that interferes with the duties of the Arena Crew.


Leadline Ponies: A pony used in the Leadline Division may be used in one other Division and is exempt from IMGA rule GR1.10, which states race limits for ponies. This is the only case in which a pony may be ridden in more than one Division. Races completed by a pony in the Leadline Division are not included in its race limit count for rule GR1.10.

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